MAFI Equipment

While “MAFI” equipment has commonly been used at Shipping Ports all around the word for the safe and efficient movement of large cargo the You Hire Management team successfully introduced this type of equipment into the operation of several major mining equipment suppliers for the onsite movement of large dump trucks and bodies.

Significant time and cost savings have been achieved through the reduced requirements for cranes. Operational efficiency has improved particularly with dump truck body overhauls. Throughout the overhaul process the body remains on the Roll Trailer with crane lifts only required on delivery and dispatch. All work including blasting, welding and repainting is carried out with the tray installed on the roll trailer enabling easy onsite movement between workshop facilities.

In addition to bodies, Dump Truck Chassis are also being transported onsite utilising Roll Trailers again negating the need for ongoing Crane hire.

Further innovation has seen the introduction of a Hydraulic Lifting version of the Roll Trailer designed specifically for the onsite transport of Dump Truck Chassis’. Using the units onboard hydraulic lifting system the chassis can be raised, the rims/tyres removed and then moved into a workshop bay being placed on stands prior to the trailer being lowered and removed.

If you are handling large equipment and components talk to us regarding our innovative MAFI Hire equipment solutions.