Container Forklift

The You Hire fleet includes a range of units manufactured to handle laden shipping containers of all configurations. These range from smaller compact units generally used in the furniture removal industry with a lifting capacity of up to 12000kg, through to larger units with capacities up to 40000kg.

Stacking capabilities range from 2 High up to 4 High.

Container handlingAlso included in our fleet are high capacity Forklift trucks fitted with standard forks that can be supplied with “Fork Mounted” Container Handling attachments.

These units have a lifting capacity of up to 48000kg on forks and 36000kg with the container handling attachment fitted.

These units are ideal for mixed freight yards proving the flexibility to handle both general freight on forks and shipping containers with the attachment fitted.

Changing between the two “modes” is a simple task utilising the “quick release” pins and hydraulic/electrical connects with the whole process completed in 10-15 minutes.

Another key option included on many of the You Hire units is a specialised “carriage” enabling the handling of half-height containers commonly used to transport mining commodities.

Looking for a solution to your Container Handling requirements? Contact You Hire for the most cost effective, efficient and reliable equipment for your operation.